The demands of technical medical equipment are diverse, whether in anaesthesia, surgery, intensive care or in the laboratory. The versatility of the products shown matches this diversity. Our solutions are always optimally tailored to the relevant application whether they are stationary or mobile turnkey systems. We achieve this objective by concentrating on the medical technology and the in-depth know-how for the fields of application. All our products therefore have global certification as medical products. 

Maximum dependability, long service life and operational safety are the result of deploying high-quality materials in conjunction with precise manufacturing techniques. The product design looks good and demonstrates its many strengths in the detailed features like hygiene are particularly important for the medical sector: all surfaces are as smooth as possible, with easy-wipe cleaning and resistant to disinfection agents.

The modular structure of the building-block system allows the products shown to be tailored individually to all customer requirements. Design interfaces allow the stationary and mobile equipment carriers to be matched to the corporate design of the user.